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2016/11/4 17:04:26



                                        诚征牧师 PASTORAL SEARCH                                        09/24/2016


位于美国密西根州底特律 (Detroit) 西北郊的中华圣经教会,诚征笃信圣经为完全无误,委身牧养属神的人的牧师,与教会的牧师、长老与执事同心同工,一同成全圣徒,特别是讲普通话的会众,各尽其职,建立基督的身体。应征者以完成正式神学训练、有北美华人教会事奉经验、能以普通话证道、并能說流利英语为基要,懂粤语更佳。有意者请将履历,连同个人得救和蒙召经历与信仰告白,邮寄:

The Chinese Bible Church in Farmington Hills, Michigan, a northwest suburb of Detroit, is seeking a pastor to serve in a staff position and work with the pastors, elders and deacons of the church to equip God's people, especially Mandarin speaking congregants in different ministries, so that the body of Christ may be built up. He should believe that the Bible is the inerrant word of God and be committed to shepherd the people of God. A seminary graduate and ministry experience in Chinese churches in North America is preferred. We are seeking an individual who is fluent in Mandarin and also proficient in English, understanding Cantonese a plus. Please send resume, personal testimony of regeneration and calling, and statement of faith to:

Pastoral Search Committee
c/o Elder Te-Yang Soong 宋德扬長老 (Chairman of the Executive Board)
Email: teyangsoong@yahoo.com

Website: www.cbcdetroit.org/