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丹城山峰基督教会 - 诚聘中文堂牧师
2017/5/5 14:54:45






联系人:邓新生  Tel.: 720-938-1599  Email: hillcrestdenver@yahoo.com

3000 S. Race St., Denver CO 80210




Job Description

Leadership: Help lead in articulating the vision and the mission of the church. Inspire, encourage, and motivate church members and lay leader to use their time and talents in doing the work of the Lord. Cooperate with English Pastor, Youth Pastor, and Council to help build a multi-cultural Church community.

Worship Ministry: Preach regularly in the Chinese service, and coordinate preaching topics with the English Pastor. Serve as Worship leader and coordinate Worship services, also with the Worship Planning Group when appropriate. Assure that all is organized for each Worship Service. Prepare sermons well and expound God’s Word clearly and effectively.

College Ministry: Coordinate ministry to the local College Students and Scholars. Provide ministry through regular on-site and personal contact, with an evangelistic and disciplemaking emphasis. Help promote a vision to the Church for student outreach and the opportunities College Ministry presents.

Outreach Ministry: Help lead the Church in ministering to the needs of the local Chinese community. Promote a vision for outreach and serve as a role model for witnessing for Jesus Christ and serving in his name. 

Teaching Ministry: Coordinate and participate as appropriate in leading Bible Studies and Prayer Ministries, and help provide for Theological study groups where needed.

Youth & Children Ministry: Promote and encourage Chinese families to be involved with youth and children’s worship and activities, under the direction of the Youth Pastor.

Pastoral Care: Coordinate pastoral care that responds to the needs of members, contact those who are new to the church, and provide oversight of appropriate church life and ministry activities.