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The Ministry of Chinese Christian Life Fellowship, Inc.
2015/1/13 14:13:31


Starting from the early 1980's, more than one million Chinese have come to the United States from Mainland China.  They left behind the bankrupted communist dream and started a new search of meaning, love and hope.  Many of them found the new life in Christ Jesus, but struggled a lot in their spiritual growth.  Burdened and compelled by this urgent need, two Christian couples started a weekly prayer meeting in early June 1996.  Before long, a group of devoted Christians started to constantly gather together to pray for China and the PRCs (Chinese from P. R. China) all over the world.  Their vision of making disciples among PRCs kindled many Chinese and non-Chinese Christians.  Under this vision, Christian Life Press, Inc. (CLPI), a non-profit organization, was established in January 1997. Later on, the organization was renamed as Chinese Christian Life Fellowship, Inc. (CCLiFe). The mission of CCLiFeis to facilitate and mobilizethe spiritual growth of PRC Christians and to raise up Christian leadership among Chinese intellectuals, through publications, overseas PRC ministry and China ministry.


I. Publications:


  1. One of the major ministries of CCLiFe is the publication of Christian Life Quarterly – the first Christian magazine started by and designed for PRC Christians. The purpose of this magazine is to facilitate and mobilize PRC Christians to grow in the Lord Jesus Christ and to live for Him.  The first issue of the magazine was published in March 1997. By God’s grace, the number of readers began to grow rapidly.  Now hundreds and thousands copies of the magazine have been distributed to the PRCs in North America, Mainland China and 30 other countries in the world. Copies sent to Mainland China are passed on as treasures.  One copy would be passed to hundreds. Readers are copying the magazine excitedly using Internet, copy machines, printers, and even by hand.


Features of the magazine


  • Solid Biblical truth with the life-changing power
  • Touching testimonies of the Chinese Christians who were persecuted for the name of the Lord in the past half century
  • Relevant answers to spiritual questions of Chinese Christians today
  • Voice of the House Church in China
  • Spiritual resources for making disciples for His kingdom


  1. Another important publication of CCLiFe is Life and Faith(Christian Life Quarterly – Evangelistic Version For Seekers) for Mainland Chinese intellectuals whose hearts are seeking the truth yet their minds are still struggling.  Life and Faithis published in simplified Chinese, 2 issues per year.  This magazine provides the powerful support for the leap of faith through the apologetic articles and testimonies written by Chinese intellectual Christians who have gone through the similar struggles and found the truth eventually.  It is a great evangelistic tool for Chinese seekers.


  1. CCLiFe has been devoted herself in researching and editing series of books on the Chinese church history of the last half century.  This research will make a significant contribution not only to the Chinese churches, but also to the worldwide Christian Church.
  2. CCLiFe also has an Audio/Video ministry, publishing A/V products such as sermon tapes, worship music CDs, etc.
  3. Christian Life Quarterly Newsletters has been sent out regularly to share prayer requests, reports of ministries, announcements of up coming events, and other information.


II. Overseas PRC Ministry:


  1. Sponsor and coordinate the annual “China Prayer Rally” to call on the local churches to pray for China and for revival of the Chinese churches.  The Monthly Prayer Meeting has started since May 2001, and developed into a Monthly Prayer Vigil since Feb. 2004.
  2. Sponsor and coordinate the annual “Overseas Chinese Christian Ministers’ Conferences” to nourish and equip PRC ministers for a more powerful and effective ministry.
  3. Sponsor and coordinate the “Gospel For China Conference” to revive and raise Christian soldiers to carry out the Great Commission.  The conference is held every two yearsin Chicago and Hong Kong alternately toserve the Chinese Christians worldwide.
  4. Promote and coordinate the ongoing “24-Hour Prayer Net” since July 2002 to establish a solid foundation for the fruitful and victorious Christian life and ministry.  Thousands of Chinese Christians, both in China and out of China, have participated the prayer net.


III. China Ministry:                                      


  1. Mobilize and equip Chinese Christians in North America to be a vital force for evangelizing their own people.
  2. Serve House Churches in China by:
    • Sending in more than 420,000 free copies of CLQ and Life and Faith each year
    • Providing free spiritual books, tracksand DVD’s  for the House church leaders
    • Providing solid Biblical training programs (long term and short term) to train house church leaders
    • Helping the most needy people spiritually and physically (orphans, AIDS and cancer patients). 
    • Holding The Gospel For China Conference in Hong Kong. 


IV. Network and Resource Center:


        CCLiFe also serves as a network and resource center to support the churches worldwide.       


How Can You Help This Ministry

  • Pray for CCLiFe as it strives to help Chinese Christians to grow in faith through serving and walking with the Lord.
  • Share this ministry in your church and send the publications to your friends so that more people can be benefited.
  • Support this faith-based ministry financially as a church or an individual.
  • Cooperate with CCLiFe in its ministry to the Mainland and Overseas Chinese Christians.  Attend CCLiFe events and encourage others to participate. 



Please contact us at:

Christian Life Quarterly
Chinese Christian Life Fellowship, Inc.
670 Bonded Parkway,
Streamwood, IL 60107, U.S.A.
Tel: (630)837-7551 Fax: (630)837-7552
Web Page: www.cclifefl.org Email: CClife@gmail.com