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Remembering Article by John Yam
2015/10/23 14:19:44
■John Yam

Remembering Dr. Stewart Wu


文/John Yam




I got to know Dr. Stewart Wu when I moved to Chicago about nine years ago. We immediately hit it off!  For a while, I thought I was special, but I later found out Dr. Wu hit off well with everyone!


Dr. Wu is a kind person, has a very strong heart for mission, especially for Mainland Chinese! When he found out Christian Life (CCLife) could not find enough doctors to serve at its conferences and pastor trainings inHong Kong, he jumped in right away to help! He became a pillar of the medical team and served in every conference and pastor training since 2007.  


I was always amazed how Dr. Wu at his age could work such long hours at these conferences. He was energized by his unselfish love for Christ and unsaved souls!  His love touched many of us greatly! He never criticized, but always encouraged others around him by his kind words and quiet deeds.


My last message from Dr. Wu was on June 1st,  2015. He wrote from China, "…I am getting more tired easily. So I will not go (to the mission trip into the mountain villages) this time. Monica will stay in KM to take care of me. I will be back 6/11. Will get back with you then. God is so good! Love, Stewart. "He was planning to serve on the medical team at the Gospel For China Conference to be held in Torontoat the end of 2015!


He left us and went with the Lord three weeks later! So unexpectedly!


In my heart, Dr. Wu is a shining model for serving God faithfully till the end! He is indeed, a ‘Quiet Giant in Mission’!



John Yam  来自香港,生命季刊同工。